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Support chat4all by making a donation via PayPal. Any amount, no matter how small, is more than welcome :)

Donations we receive will be used to pay for the servers we use to run our chat4all services on.






Connect via IRC at: irc.chat4all.org at ports 6666-6669 and 7000
Add a chat to your website

Note: For questions or remarks about the chat, please open a ticket at our support system, or find us on IRC in chatroom #help.

It is possible for you to add a chatbox on your homepage, and from there to have users access a room on our server. How to do this is outlined below.

Note: By followng the instructions on this page you can only generate HTML code to add our chat on your website. This is a seperate process from actually registering your chatroom on our server. To register a chatroom, you can follow the instructions in: "Register your own chatroom". Chatroom registration is ofcourse also free :)

Also please note that when you register a chatroom, you will need to use the same chatroom name as the one you fill out in the form below.

This form will generate the customized code which you can add to your website. You can modify the code yourself if you know what you are doing, but we cannot give support on any modifications you make.

The items which can be customized are in the image below. The colour settings in this image are the default.

This is version 1.5.2 (released october 2006) of this chat layout/script, and no matter how often we checked, people might still find errors. We hope that when you find a bug, or have ideas (like a cool additional smiley set) for improvement, that you write to Adonis@chat4all.org, or post a message to the Webchat support forum.  We will ofcourse continue development of this script, and there will be more customizable options included soon. Any new modifications made by us won't interfere with the workings of your chat.

Updates since version 1.0:

  • Spaces in chatroom name are now changed to "-" since the server does not support spaces.
  • Webmasters can now choose between 3 sets of smileys.
  • Chatters can now choose between 3 screensizes. The biggest size almost fills up the full screen at 1024*768 resolution.
  • Menu's on top of the chat are modified so that longer chatroom names no longer result in the menu's taking up 2 lines.
  • 1.5.2: New jpilot chat software added. This comes with the following notable improvements:
    • Multiple channels (chatrooms) - As of this version, chatters can use multiple channels at the same time. So this means you no longer have to quit one channel in order to enter the next. All open channels are listed in the part of the screen where you also see the users. Only one channel can be active however, but if someone says something in a channel you have open, but which is not active, a star will flash behind it. To access that channel, simply click on it.
    • Saving to clipboard - People have been asking us for years why it wasn't possible to save text. This new version of jpilot now has that option. Simply select the rows you want to copy, and you can copy it to the clipboard.
    • Clicking on links - Now you can click on links without your chat window being overwritten. Clicking a link will now result in a new browser window opening.
    • DCC file transfer - It is now possible to transfer files between users by means of DCC. Users can do this by clicking on a user, and then use the right mouse button and select the file transfer option. This is a nice feature... however, caution is advised. Do not accept a file transfer unless you know and trust that person. Also, transferred files have their extension changed automatically, so you have to change back that file extension.

Note: Some people may receive Javascript errors, or other java related issues upon loading the chatwindow. This is most likely caused by Mircrosoft Virtual Machine in Windows XP. Windows XP by default no longer comes with Virtual Machine, and is also no longer supported by our chat program.

To solve this issue, you need the Java runtime software from SUN (most people will already have this runtime module installed). This can be downloaded from the link below:



 Chatroom code generator v1.5:
 Page Title :  
 Table Title :  
 Table title colour :  
 Table Body Colour :  
 Chat Background colour(RGB) :  ,,
 Text size :  
 Language :  
 Smiley set 1 :   :):D;):P:(>:[<:0<:):*:o):´(B)%|:|
 Smiley set 2
  (Note: This set has more smileys
   than listed here)
:   :) :D ;) :( :@ :o :$ :)~ :o) :'( ::) (h) >:@
X( :/ [cloud] [alien] [sorry] [whoohoo] O:) [eureka]
 Smiley set 3
  (Note: This set has much more
   smileys  than listed here)
:   :) :D ;) :P :( :\@ :o :\$ :-S :-| :\'(
(h) (U) (L) ({) (}) kiss (K) (E) (F) (W) (Y) (N)
 Chatroom name (without #) :  


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