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Support chat4all by making a donation via PayPal. Any amount, no matter how small, is more than welcome :)

Donations we receive will be used to pay for the servers we use to run our chat4all services on.






Connect via IRC at: irc.chat4all.org at ports 6666-6669 and 7000
Channel User List

Note: For questions or remarks about the chat, please open a ticket at our support system, or find us on IRC in chatroom #help.

We offer a 'Who is inside my channel' service to website owners. This consists of a small piece of HTML code that can be included on your website to show who is inside your IRC channel.

Currently, this service has the following three options:

  • Bulleted name list (a dot before every name)
  • Regular unformatted name list
  • A space seperated horizontal name list

For the first two options, the list is requested between the <script></script> tags, and the resulting output can be formatted (text colours, font size, etc) using CSS by putting the <script></script> tags inside a <div class='name'></div> tag.

The third option produces a space seperated horizontal list that can be imported in, and manipulated by a script (PHP, ASP, etc) of your own. This gives you more freedom over how the data is presented to your users.

To ensure that not just everyone can request the user list of every channel on our network, we manually add the requested irc channel to the list of channels that can be queried. This means that you first have to contact us to request access (see below).

If you like to have this option on your website, please open a ticket and include the following information:

  • Your irc channel
  • Your irc nickname
  • The website address (URL) this service will be used on

After we receive your ticket, we will make sure your channel can be queried and send you information on how to add this service to your website.

If you have questions, open a ticket at http://support.chat4all.net or find us in #help.


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