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Support chat4all by making a donation via PayPal. Any amount, no matter how small, is more than welcome :)

Donations we receive will be used to pay for the servers we use to run our chat4all services on.






Connect via IRC at: irc.chat4all.org at ports 6666-6669 and 7000
The Network

Note: For questions or remarks about the chat, please open a ticket at our support system, or find us on IRC in chatroom #help.

Currently we are using Unreal IRCD 3.2.7 and Anope as core software for Chat4all with several other pieces of software to make life on IRC easier and, not unimportantly, safer. The current make-up of the network is:

    |-statserv.chat4all.org (Statistical server)
  |-services.chat4all.org (Chat4all Services)
  |-watcher.chat4all.org (IRD Defence Server)

The main server (irc.chat4all.org) can also be reached through several aliases, which may at a future time be transformed into actual server links. These aliases are: irc.chat4all.net, irc.chat4all.be, and irc.chatwereld.com.

The chat4all team currently consists of the following members:

Root-Admin : Adonis
Co-NetAdmin : Saya
Co-NetAdmin : FiXato
Co-NetAdmin : Unknown_Entity aka o_o
Services Operator : Foxman
IRC Operator : Siiw
IRC Operator : Reikart

Server irc.chat4all.org is a round robin (load balancing) server which randomly connects users to either eu.chat4all.org (European based server) and us.chat4all.org (USA based server).

The services consist of:

  • Nickserv (Nick registration and management)
  • Chanserv (Channel registration and management)
  • Memoserv (System for receiving and sending memo's to users)
  • Reportserv (Users can use Reportserv to report Abuse)
  • Botserv (Allows for user defined bots to be present in channels)
  • Hostserv (For managing vhosts)
  • Operserv (only for IRCops with sufficient privileges)
  • Loveserv (a fun service)
  • Moraleserv (a fun service)

We are also running a BOPM (Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor) in order to deny access to the server by users who connect over an unsafe connection. BOPM scans several (proxy) ports on the user's computer, as well as cross referencing the user's IP address with several known blacklists.

If open ports are found, or the IP address is found in one or more of the blacklists, the user will be banned from the server. This is done to protect our other chat4all users from possible unsafe situations by users with unsafe connections. After the ban is set, the banned user is presented with the reason why he/she is banned and how to rectify the problem.

See the manual for more information about the usage of the above services.


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