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Support chat4all by making a donation via PayPal. Any amount, no matter how small, is more than welcome :)

Donations we receive will be used to pay for the servers we use to run our chat4all services on.






Connect via IRC at: irc.chat4all.org at ports 6666-6669 and 7000
Register a chatroom

Note: For questions or remarks about the chat, please open a ticket at our support system, or find us on IRC in chatroom #help.

Everyone can register a chatroom on our server. It's completely free. If, after creating your chatroom, you would like to have a "robot" present, then you have two options: Either a ready made bot from our botlist or a custom made one for which you will have to create a bot ticket in our support system, and add all the details as described in our requestform .

To register your chatroom you can follow the following procedure:

1a. When using mIRC: Login at server irc.chat4all.org using port 6667, 6668, 6669 or 7000.

1b. People who do not have mIRC can use the applet below to log in. Enter your nickname, and room name (without # and no spaces) and do press "yes" when the java security window appears:

Nickname :
Chatroom :
Screen : smallnormbig

Note:Make sure that (in case you do not have mIRC) you have a website with a box similar to the one above, otherwise your chatters cannot find your chatroom. To do that, you can generate code through our code-generator and add that to your site.

2. Register your nickname on the server. To do so, make sure you are logged in at the chat with the nickname you intend to register. Then type the following command (include the / ):

/msg nickserv register password emailaddress

Change password to what you want as password, and change emailaddress to your email address. Be sure it is a valid address. Then press enter.

If everything goes well, you will be sent an email which contains an authentication code. Enter that complete line, and your nick will be registered and usable.

To login at your registered nickname, type (include the /):

/msg nickserv identify yourpassword

Change yourpassword to the password you chose when you registered your nickname.

3. Register your chatroom on the server. First, make sure you are logged in with your registered nickname. Next, go to the chatroom you want to register by typing (include the /):

/join #chatroom

Change chatroom to what your chatroom name is and make sure there are no spaces in the name, as IRC does not recognise them.

Once you are inside your room, you can type the following command (include the /):

/msg chanserv register #chatroom password description

Change chatroom to your chatroom name, without spaces (include the # before your channel name). Change password to a password you like and add a description. Press enter.

If all goes well, your chatroom will be registered. From now on, every time you login at your nickname, you will automatically be made operator in your own chatrooms. To login as founder of your chatroom (to access more options), you can type (include the /):

/msg chanserv identify #chatroom password

Change chatroom to your chatroom name and change password to the password you chose when you registered your chatroom.

If you entered your room before authenticating first, then you will also have to type the following command to gain the operator privilege symbol (@) before your name (leaving your room and re-entering it without leaving the server does the same):

/msg chanserv op #chatroom nickname

Change chatroom to your chatroom name and change nickname to your nickname.

Next you can set a topic for your room. To accomplish this, type (include the /):

/msg chanserv topic #chatroom topic-here

Change chatroom to your chatroom name and change topic-here to a topic you want.

With the following command, you can make sure the topic stays, even after the last user has left the chatroom (include the /):

/msg chanserv set #chatroom keeptopic on

Change chatroom to your chatroom name .

Just as on the original server, we also offer in-chat help through the following commands:

Chanserv: /msg chanserv help
Nickserv: /msg nickserv help

To see more info about any particular command:

Chanserv: /msg chanserv help commando
Nickserv: /msg nickserv help commando

Change command to the command for which you want more info.

Note: To change the help from English to something else, type:

/msg nickserv set language number

Change the "number" to any of the following numbers:

  1 - English
  2 - Franais (French)
  3 - Deutsch (German)
  4 - Italiano (Italiano)
  5 - Portugus (Portuguese)
  6 - Espaol (Spanish)
  7 - Trke (Turkish)
  8 - Catala (Catalan)
  9 - (Greek)
10 - Nederlands (Dutch)

Need assistance with registering your chatroom? Please open a support ticket in our support system , or visit #help. Make sure you have read all of above information before you ask for help.


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