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Support chat4all by making a donation via PayPal. Any amount, no matter how small, is more than welcome :)

Donations we receive will be used to pay for the servers we use to run our chat4all services on.






Connect via IRC at: irc.chat4all.org at ports 6666-6669 and 7000
Links & Downloads

Note: For questions or remarks about the chat, please open a ticket at our support system, or find us on IRC in chatroom #help.

On this page you can find links which you may find useful. If you find a link which is not posted here, and you feel it really should be here, or if you find a link which is no longer working, then please write us at webmaster.at.chat4all.net .

IRC Clients
mIRC (Popular chat client for windows) www.mirc.com 
Ircle (Chat client for  Macintosh) www.ircle.com 
BitchX (Text Chat client for Unix/Linux) www.bitchx.com  
X-Chat (GUI Chat client for Unix/Linux) www.xchat.org   
JIRC (Chat client for chat thru websites) www.jpilot.com 
JavIRC (Chat client for chat thru websites) www.javirc.com  


Bots (Robots)
Eggdrop (Well known IRC robot) www.eggheads.org 
Egghelp (Help and Add-ons for Eggdrop) www.egghelp.org  
Botservice (Bot lending organization) www.botservice.net
Darkbot (another usefull robot) www.darkbot.info 


mIRC scripts
Chat4all mIRC (Basic chat4all mIRC) Download here
P&P (Peace & Protection) Author stopped that site download of latest version can be downloaded here
mIRCscripts (Info about scripts for mIRC) www.mircscripts.org  


Chat4all mIRC (Basic chat4all mIRC) Download here
Chat4all server list (mIRC) Download here 
Chat4all server list (Pirch) Download here  


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